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Query: Digital X-ray Equipment


What suggestions do you have about buying or leasing the best digital x-ray equipment? We are a two-doctor office looking to get the entire digital x-ray package. What do you currently use? What do you dislike or like about it? If you could buy something today, what would you get? Would you lease or buy? Is there any other advice about setting everything up? Space is not an issue.


Mike Anderson, DPM, Salt Lake City, UT

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Query: Non-Allergenic Support Hose


Does anyone know of any support hose that are non-allergenic? My patient has tried several brands with no luck. 


Robert Fridrich, DPM, NY, NY



Query: Shoe for Parkinson's Disease


I have a very close friend who has had Parkinson's disease for over twenty years. He is in his early 60s and has been doing relatively well. He does shuffle while walking and sometimes stumbles and trips. His shoes are mostly rubber composite designer footwear. I am researching shoes with less grabbing soles. 


I know the SAS line would be good but I would like some other suggestions, especially if there are any designer shoes that would have a more forgiving sole for this type of gait. A leather sole is not an option due to insufficient padding. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Name Withheld



Query: Beneficial Insurance 


I just received a very good quote from Beneficial Insurance for my malpractice insurance policy which is coming up for renewal. I have not heard anything, negative or positive about this insurer. I'm wondering if any of my colleagues have had any experience with them?


Deardre Nadel, DPM,  Bronx, NY



Query: Options After Residency


I am beginning my third year of residency starting July 1st. I feel very excited and eager to begin my last year of training, however I have a lot of anxiety of the future. I feel completely lost as to when, where, and how I should be looking for a job and any other necessary things to do in order to prepare for the next steps. I am planning to apply for my state license in the state where I hope to work, but other than that, I'm not sure what else to do?  I'm writing to see if there is any advice that can be offered. Also, I would like to thank PM News for the job postings. They are very convenient. Are there additional sources?


Name Withheld



Query: Hiring a Registered Dietitian (RD)


In an effort to provide complete care to their patients, many hospitals in the area have begun offering diabetic counseling and meal planning sessions with registered dietitians (RD). I was considering hiring a registered dietitian and providing those services (and billing for them) in the office. This will help ensure that patients follow through with the referral, and it would also generate additional income for the practice. Has anyone else set up a similar arrangement? Are there any reasons why this shouldn't work? Would our scope prevent this arrangement or preclude billing for their services, even though the RD is practicing under his/her own license? 


Jay Seidel, DPM Baltimore, MD



Query: Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy Blade/System


I’m looking to find a reasonably priced endoscopic plantar fasciotomy blade/system? Any help would be much appreciated.


Kyle J. Kinmon, DPM, Boca Raton, FL



Query: Life Coach to Help Rehab Patients


Would you refer patients to a life coach? What would be your thoughts and concerns about such a service? Would it help our patients who require additional reinforcement and support to meet their rehabilitation goals?


A. James Fisher, DPM, Crescent City, CA



Query: Kinesiology Tape?


What is everyone's preferred kinesiology tape to use? Which do you feel gives the best support, is waterproof, and causes minimal skin reaction?


Chad Friedman, DPM, West Chester, PA



Query: VOIP


We are considering installing a VOIP system in our offices. There seems to be a bunch of companies out there. Can anyone recommend a company? What are your experiences with them?


Nicole Kaiser, DPM, Delran, NJ



Query: Source for ClearNail Pro+


Can ClearNail Pro+ topical anti-fungal be purchased for resale to patients, or is this product discontinued? 


Allan Freiberg, DPM, Metairie, LA


Editor's note: The product has not been discontinued. It is available OTC on Amazon for about $40 for a 10ml bottle.



Query: Microscope for KOH Preps


If any colleagues are performing KOH preps in their offices, what type of microscope are you using? I just want to be sure that a $300 scope from Amazon will do the trick.


David Kahan, DPM, Sacramento, CA



Query: Source for Cantharone 


Can anyone provide information on a vendor who distributes Cantharone to California? I have been finding it more and more difficult to access. For the treatment of warts, I use a number of different modalities including Cryoprobe, Candida injections, 5-FU, laser, S.A., Adapalene, and duct tape, but have found that Cantharone is still one of the most effective treatments.


Charles Baik, DPM, Tustin, CA



Query: Interstate Licensing


I just read an article in Univadis reporting that interstate medical licensing is now available in 18 states that participate in the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact. There are elegibility requirements and fees (varied by state), and background checks are required. Seven more states and DC have legislation pending to join the compact. There was no mention of the MD vs. DO degree. Does such a movement exist within our podiatric medical specialty to broaden our licensing structure?


Neil H Hecht, DPM, Tarzana, CA



Query: Insurance Eligibility Checking


We try to check insurance eligibility and our participation in our patient’s health insurance program before they arrive at our office.  At times, this is done when the appointment is made. Some time can be saved by using a service on line such as Availity, a corporation founded by Humana and BC/BS, for data on deductibles and co-pays. However, details of specific CPT code coverage, i.e., Orthotics  L3000, can only be completed via a long and arduous phone call to the patient’s health insurance company. Any suggestions on how to make this process more efficient? Is there a better service for finding this information?


Jerry Cosentino, DPM, Tampa, FL



Query: Non-Staining Disinfectant for Instruments 


What soaking solutions are being used for treatment room instruments? We are using Cetylcide-II, but it is staining instruments really badly.  


Nick Costidakis, DPM, Lafayette, IN



Query: Missed First Appointments


I have a problem with patients missing their first appointments and wonder if it is acceptable to run a credit card to hold this first appointment so that it isn't missed without notice. Would this be an acceptable practice? Is there anyone else doing this? Are there any other ways to keep the new patient missed appointment from happening?


All my patients sign a waiver which allows me to bill them for their missed appointments, once they are an established patient, and this works well to keep the missed rate down.


Frank J. DiPalma, DPM, Athens, GA



Query: Source for 4% Dehydrated ETOH?


Can anyone give me the name of a company that supplies 4% dehydrated ETOH?


Andrew Carver, DPM, Washington, DC



From: Brian Kiel, DPM, Deb Lund-Tlumak


Tincture of Benzoin works well. Apply and let it dry for a moment until tacky.


Brian Kiel, DPM, Memphis, TN


Mastisol is an adhesive adherent. It comes in a single application vial with an applicator tip. It also comes in bottles. This has been used for some time in the OR for Steristrips, etc.


Deb Lund-Tlumak, Clinical Practice Manager, Edmonds, WA



Query: Non-Aerosol Tape Adherent


Does anyone know of a non-aerosol tape adherent?


Michael Forman, DPM, Cleveland, OH



Query: Formula for Value of a Practice


I am interested in hearing what is the typical "ballpark" criteria used to determine a practice's sale price. Is it last year's gross revenue, 50% of last year’s gross revenue, or something completely different? I realize every practice and every situation is different, but I am really just interested in a basic guideline to follow. Also, if a practice is financed by the seller, what is the typical time frame for repayment of payoff, 3 yrs, 5 yrs, longer, shorter? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Name Withheld


Editor's comment: There was a time before managed care when podiatry practices were quite similar and could be valued by formula. In recent decades, because of the complexity and variations in practices, no formula can accurately value a practice. Three practices can have the same gross income, but widely different net incomes. The key is not what the practice earns but what the purchasing podiatrist can expect to earn. Today, an increasing number of DPMs are choosing to join a practice rather than buy one, thus the ultimate answer is that a practice is worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it. Like everything else, seller financing is negotiable.   



Query: Recommendations for Billing Company


After 15 years, I am looking for a new billing company as the current one that has generally done a good job in reviewing my accounts receivable, has added price increases both in terms of percentages charged as well as new ancillary fees.  


Can anyone provide me with any contacts and names of billing companies, preferably located in the Northeast (NY/NJ/PA area) with whom you have had a good relationship with, and with whom you are satisfied with both the quality of their work and the fees that are charged for their services?


Bill Lipkin, DPM, Hoboken, NJ 



Query: Do patients judge us by what kind of car we drive?

From; Elliot Udell, DPM


My mechanic "read me the riot act" yesterday. I had the oil changed and he let me know that at the next state inspection my car would need upwards of 3,000 dollars in repairs in order to pass inspection. He said based on the car's age, if he owned it, he would chuck it and lease a new car. He is probably on target. What I need to assess is whether I as a doctor in private practice need to invest a lot of extra money in an upscale car in order to impress patients. My inclination is to buy or lease a Toyota, Hyundai, or Honda but do patients in the year 2017 judge us by what kind of cars we drive? I would appreciate some feedback on this.


Elliot Udell, DPM, Hicksville, NY



Query: Erchonia Lunula Laser


Does anybody have feedback on the new Erchonia Lunula cold laser out of Ireland that treats onychomycosis? All feedback is appreciated. 


Joel Greenwald, DPM, Natanya, Israel



Query: CME Record-Keeping Course


I am looking for a record-keeping CME course. Could anyone recommend one?


Yelena Voronova, DPM, Brooklyn, NY



Query: Nerve Biopsy on a Diabetic?


For the third time in the last two years, I have been pulled aside by an MD inquiring as to why podiatrists would do a nerve biopsy on a diabetic. Each time, the same local DPM has done an in-office punch biopsy, it resulted in a cellulitis. I find it very difficult to justify this procedure as medically necessary. I can’t help but wonder if my colleagues would continue to perform this procedure if the insurance reimbursements were not so good. I would like to hear other viewpoints from the PM News readers.


John M. Hurchik, DPM, Andover, MA