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12/25/2017    Steven Kravitz, DPM

The Death Knell of Podiatry in Illinois? (Bryan C. Markinson, DPM)

Dr. Markinson makes some very salient points that
podiatrists should consider. There is no turning
back the clock Physician extenders are here to
stay. But the good news is that there’s been a
change in podiatry recognition of this aspect of
delivery care over the past 3 to 4 years.
Assessment of the membership of a well-
established physician (MD and DPM) only wound
healing Association provides interesting data on
a dramatic shift with podiatric perspective on
NPs and PAs.

Four to five years ago, there was much more
concern about competition with these
practitioners and therefore a conflict of
interest. But over the past two to three years
more and more podiatrists are working with
physician extenders. They, as Dr. Markinson
points out, serve as a source of referral but
also as extenders of a very busy podiatric
practice as well.

The comparison of current podiatric practice to
dentistry 10-15 years ago may no longer be valid.
The big change is that dentistry at that time did
not have anywhere near amount of services in
hospitals that the podiatrist has today. Podiatry
today continues to have an increasing role in the
medical community in the hospital setting and in
mainstream medicine. While this is especially
true in wound healing it will continue expanding
to other areas of medicine as well including
orthopedics, dermatology, etc.

The new year presents an opportunity for
podiatric physicians to expand their practice by
networking with physician extenders and moving
forward with them in the future of the ever
changing healthcare delivery system.

I’ll close with one last piece of heart felt
advice. If you’re involved with wound care and
concerned about competition from physician
extenders you must be certified in wound healing
to protect your practice. In doing so I
absolutely recommend you choose a certification
that applies to podiatry and allopathic medicine
equally. Choosing a podiatry specific
certification will not provide any where near the
value of being certified by an organization that
puts YOU on the same playing field as the MD
across the table at the wound healing center.

Steven Kravitz, DPM, Winston-Salem NC

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