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12/27/2017    Janet McCormick, MS

The Death Knell of Podiatry in Illinois? (W. David Herbert DPM)

As per dental hygienists practicing without
supervision, I would truly like to know where
that is? I'm thinking that somewhere in the
background there is a "dental supervision"
requirement, possibly similar to aesthetic spas
where nurses and estheticians can perform high
level peels etc. as long as they are "supervised
by a physician." Many of these medial supervisors
are not on site, but there is a responsibility
there, and they must be within a set distance.
And they are financially involved in some way.

I find it doubtful that dental hygienists would
escape the supervision of dentists fully. The
dental associations are very active in the
legislative processes and watch it very closely.
Dental hygienists have only been minimally
trained to take impressions for crowns, bridge,,
dentures, tho certified dental assistants have
for years in their advanced training in CE
courses - but they must still do it under

It has never been cost-effective to have a DH do
impressions, etc. when they can make what they do
for practices performing prophylaxis, etc.

Every state now has expanded practice dental
hygienists who are trained to fill prepped areas,
and even will finish the fillings, etc. for
dentists. The training is through state dental
association approved programs. But in these
states, the dentists must do the actual prep and
perform the bite adjustments.

I am curious who these dentruists are? Dental Lab
technicians possibly? They are fully trained in
the crown, bridge and denture processes -
something similar to orthotists or pedorthists in
podiatry - but unless things have changed for
them, never did they go directly into public
practice that I know of; however, I know little
about their profession.

My point here was to show that podiatrists should
become better organized if they wish to control
their profession. Or, like dentists, re-organize
it legislatively to be beneficial to them.

Janet McCormick, Frostproof, FL

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