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Query: Inexpensive Program for ePrescribing


Currently, I use Practice Fusion only for electronic prescribing. As we all know, they are moving to a paid subscription model on June 1, priced at $99 per month, and with a yearly commitment. This seems a bit much for just electronic prescribing. Can anyone recommend a more reasonable (or free) software program for just electronic prescribing?


Edgard Nau, DPM, NY, NY

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Query: Best Tablets/Laptops for Office Use


I would like to hear the good and the bad about the tablets and laptops used in practice. I'm looking for something to use room to room and something to take with me to facilities. I can get mobile 4G service. What are the thoughts and recommendations of PM News readers?


David P. Luongo, DPM, Paramus, NJ 



Query: Moving EHR Records to Another System


I received a call today from Practice Fusion stating they are moving to a paid model and will no longer be free.  Has anyone successfully moved records to another program?


Amira Mantoura, DPM, Stamford, CT



Query: Reasonably Priced EHR Alternative to Practice Fusion?


Practice Fusion announced that it is being purchased by Allscripts for 100 million dollars. Having gone through one of these takeovers of EHR software in the past, I think it is highly likely that this will lead to major fees for people using PF or an option to buy or rent an Allscripts EHR at a high fee. Already, many EHR companies are advertising alternative options to choose when this finalizes.


Being at a point in my private practice where a major investment and/or mega monthly fee for a new EHR program is not a viable option, I, as well as many other doctors in the same boat, are looking for reasonable alternatives. Is anyone out there using an EHR program that is reasonably priced and is podiatry-friendly? 


Elliot Udell, DPM, Hicksville, NY



Query: Kareo vs. Chart Logic

I am changing my office over from in-house billing and collections to outsourcing  and changing my EMR in the process, as I want them all to coordinate. I have narrowed my choices down to Kareo vs. Chart Logic. Chart Logic coordinates with Advanced MD (that does the billing and collection portions for Chart Logic users). Does anyone have any input on either of these companies? 

David E Gurvis, DPM,  Avon, IN 



Query: Quality Analysis for EHR Incentive Program


This is an inquiry in hope of obtaining more information about the level of quality analysis required for the EHR incentive program. Our office hosts three work stations and a server running the EHR program. When looking for an IT company, we have been asked for "specifications of the requirement to meet Meaningful Use for stage 2."


After an exhausting web search and many phone calls, the answers have been varied. What have been the costs to any practitioners who have outsourced to a company? Has anyone performed a self-risk analysis with self-help tools? What are those tools? Does the analysis need to be on-site or remote? Is there a company friendly to podiatry? 


Mike Bluhm, DPM, San Antonio, TX 



Query: Using a Scribe with EHR

Can anyone provide information about using a scribe in the office with an EHR, i.e. logistics, training, etc.? Where is the best place to find one?

Gary Friedlander, DPM, Phoenix, AZ