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12/13/2001    Robert O'Malley, DPM

Board review course

Query: Board review course
From: Robert O'Malley, DPM

Does any one know of a Board review course
offered for the ABPS certification that will
offered this Spring? Thanks

Robert O'Malley, DPM
Wilmington, NC 28401

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03/29/2005    Edwin S. Hart DPM, Alan Sherman, DPM

Board Review Course Written & CD Materials (Allan Doan, DPM)

RE: Board Review Course Written & CD Materials
(Allan Doan, DPM)
From: Edwin S. Hart DPM, Alan Sherman, DPM

You are in Luck there are a number of quality
materials available
through The William L Goldfarb Education an arm
of the Pennsylvania
Podiatric Medical Association. They just had an
excellent review
course in Philadelphia by the airport very easy
to get to keep it in
mind for next year. They have their Hershey
Review text and some
CD's that are very useful including a new one
that many have said
looks beneficial in regards to new mock

I recommend you contact Laura Beer at the
association office she can
Assist you. Her number is 1(800)841-3668. They
have additional
information through their website www.PPMA.ORG
(I understand they
will have their own website very soon). I also
recommend the Boards
by Numbers it is a valuable resource.

Edwin S. Hart, DPM
Bethlehem, PA

There are more choices available now than ever
before to help you
prepare for the ABPS and ABPOPPM board exams, as
well as other
standardize professional qualifying exams.
Traditionally, we would
attend a live review course. They range from 1-3
full days of
lectures at a hotel, and constitute a fairly
arduous and demanding
academic experience.

Contrast that with PRESENT Board Review, the
first online Board
Review service. Podiatry leads the rest of
medicine in providing
easy access to the best work of our finest
teachers. Their fine
lectures on over 117 topics have been made into
PRESENT online
presentations and are now being made available
to podiatrists any
place in the world from any Internet connected
computer, by PRESENT
Courseware's patented player technology. Over
90% of podiatric
residents in the United States are using PRESENT
Courseware, our
residency product, most for over a year now.
PRESENT Board Review
is our most comprehensive curriculum, including
the complete Boards
By the Numbers and extra lectures, and with only
a few months left
to study before the exams, is it already being
used by podiatrists
all over the country.

We recently announced podiatry's first fully
automated online CME
program, and that is being used for the first
time in PRESENT Board
Review. You can earn a total of 117 hours of
CME by viewing
lectures and passing an online post-test, and
immediately print your
certificate. We also keep track of any credits
you earn with
PRESENT, allowing your to reprint certificates
and a CME Completion
Report anytime you wish. We keep track of it
all for you, and
provide the most convenient and low cost means
to view great
lectures and earn CME credit for it.

We think PRESENT Courseware is making podiatry a
more competitive
medical specialty and will accelerate our
already quite accomplished
position within the medical hierarchy.
Knowledge is power, and
there are a lot of very smart podiatrists out
there who's lives are
being made easier by access to great lectures in
their home or

For further info, I would direct you to the
PRESENT Board Review
website at and a
PMNews letter to the editor at

Alan Sherman, DPM

03/28/2005    Allan Doan, DPM

Board Review Course Written & CD Materials

Query: Board Review Course Written & CD Materials

I would like to know if you have any
recommendation for a good written or software
materials to study and be prepare for Board

Allan Doan, DPM
Seattle, WA

01/17/2003    John L. Zboinski, DPM

Hershey Board Review Course

Query: Hershey Board Review Course
From: John L. Zboinski, DPM

Does anyone have information regarding the next
Hershey Board Review Course? Dates, time,
contact person etc?

John L. Zboinski, DPM
New York, NY


The 2003 Intensive Board Review, Refresher,
and Recertification Course is March 27--30, 2003
at the Sheraton Suites Philadelphia Airport,
Philadelphia, PA. The Goldfarb Foundation is
presenting the course with TUSPM as co-sponsor.
Contact Susan Kramer, at 1-800-841-3668, x18.

04/16/2002    Jennifer Benson Ryder, DPM

Board Review Courses

RE: Board Review Courses
From: Jennifer Benson Ryder, DPM

Can anyone recommend a good review course for
the ABPOPPM boards?

Jennifer Benson Ryder, DPM
Rapid City, SD

03/23/2002    David Marcinko, DPM

Board Review Course (Dr. Seegmiller)

RE: Board Review Course (Dr. Seegmiller)
From: David Marcinko, DPM

Software from the Foot and Ankle Research
Consortium, Inc, will assist you in passing most
podiatry board certification exams. Versions
include: ABPS (Surgery, including re-
certification), Primary Podiatric Care,
Podiatric Orthopedics, PMLexis (Boards Part
III), and the APMSB tests. Our firm has been
producing software since 1995, for more than
2,248 podiatric clients. The software is
available from PPMA as part of its course
registration, or immediately though the FARC
Direct program. Please call: 770-448-0769, or
visit our website: for
further information.

David Marcinko, DPM
Norcross, GA

01/24/2002    Horace T. Chadwick, DPM

Florida Board Review Course

Query: Florida Board Review Course
From: Horace T. Chadwick, DPM

Does anyone know if there is a board review for
the Podiatry Licensing Boards in Florida? If so,
who do I contact? Thank you.

Horace T. Chadwick, DPM
Largo, FL