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36th Annual Survey

  • This year's survey is broken down into 8 pages. Please complete the entire survey.
  • Click at the button on the bottom of each page to advance to the following page, and to save the results on the final page.
  • When entering dollar amounts, only use whole numbers, with no $ , or . For example, enter $5,000.40 as: 5000
  • Enter percentages as whole numbers, without the % sign. For example: 75
  • Your answers will be kept in strict confidence and findings will only be reported in aggregate with those of other respondents.
  • At the completion of this survey, you may submit your email address and you will be entered into our drawing - see PMNews for details! If you choose to submit your email address to enter the drawing, we keep your email address separately from the results of the survey.

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 Less than 1 year  11-20 years
 1-5 years  21-30 years
 6-10 years  over 30 years

Under 30        51-60
30-40 61-70
41-50 over 70

Male      Female

suburb/rural (less than 25,000)
small city (25,000-100,000)
large city (100,000-500,000)
metropolis (500,000 or more population)

Self-employed, solo
Partnership or group practice (all DPMs)
Partnership or group practice (multi-disciplinary)
Professional corporation, solo
Professional corporation with other DPMs
Employed by another podiatrist


If yes, how many? satellite offices

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