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CA Podiatrist Jailed on Sexual Abuse Charges

A longtime Fresno doctor is in jail on Monday, after an investigation led to charges of sexual misconduct involving at least one patient. Matthew Sciaroni is a podiatrist in Fresno. According to court records, he's accused of fondling at least one teenage girl who visited him for an ingrown toenail.

Doctor Sciaroni was led away in handcuffs from his northeast Fresno office. A warrant for his arrest was issued after a criminal investigation revealed the doctor was inappropriately handling his patients. He's facing two felony counts of lew acts upon a child and one misdemeanor count of sexual battery.

According to court records, Sciaroni treated a teenage patient for an ingrown toenail, but told her the infection could spread. The patient was about 15 years old when she visited Sciaroni. The reports state "Sciaroni told her (patient) he needed to check her lymph nodes for infection. Sciaroni would check her front underwear line and just below." The patient also told investigators that Sciaroni told her the infection could move up to her breasts. The patient claims at that time the doctor again touched her inappropriately.

According to the California Medical Board this is the first time Sciaroni's been under investigation. He was put on probation for sexual misconduct in 2000 for an incident that happened at his Firebaugh office. That probation ended in 2005. Sciaroni could face punishment beyond jail time. He could lose his medical license for the latest incident if the board of podiatric medicine decides it's warranted. Sciaroni's office was closed early on Monday. He is in the Fresno County jail. His bail has been set at $101K.

Source: Sontaya Rose, KFSN-TV, [4/17/07]

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