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July 05, 2008 #3,290 Editor-Barry Block, DPM, JD

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A generous podiatrist (who wishes to remain anonymous) has offered to donate 3 podiatry chairs, 2 X-ray machines, a CO2 laser, and podiatry cabinets to any podiatrist adversely affected by the recent floods. Please contact for details.

FREE TV for Mindray Ultrasound Customers!

If you have a Mindray ultrasound machine, you could qualify for a state-of-the-art LCD TV. Email the following to Mindray ultrasound model number, serial number, and the name of the dealer you made the purchase.***LCD TV registration accepted by email only.

Upcoming Atlantic Medical Ultrasound webinar:
July 31, 2008 – Ultrasound Guided Radiofrequency Lesioning - Treatment of Plantar Heel Pain. Call today about the NEW AM$100/seminar attendance at (888) 383 8858

Come see Atlantic Medical at the APMA, Booth #513 for a FREE gift!


There’s No Scientific Basis for Detox Foot Pads: NY Podiatrist

After a night of debauchery, it might be impossible to restore your memory and cleanse your conscience, but what if while you were sleeping you could rid your liver and body of the evening’s damage? That’s what reflexology-based BodyRelief detox pads promise to do by sucking toxins and surplus fluids out through your soles.

Dr. Tzvi Bar-David

According to Columbia University Medical Center/New York–Presbyterian Hospital podiatrist Tzvi Bar-David, there’s no scientific basis to the miracle-inducing product. Since most folks’ feet don’t sweat much during the night (surprise!), the doc posits that an oxygenation reaction or a gel that becomes liquid when exposed to the air might cause the goo to appear. “It could just be—for lack of a better term—witch oil,” he says. “It seems to be a benign product, but if there was some real evidence that it works, I’d know about it,” he adds.

Source: Helen Yun, Time Out New York

A POWERFUL 20,000 Hz system Cleared by FDA for Pain and Circulation

EST offers multi electronic wave forms; each desired mechanism of action is programmed into computer a chip, placed on smart cards. The technology offers Doctors a wide range of treating options easily performed by support staff. PAIN…Blocks pain signals. Triggers cAMP production for cell repair

Inflammation mitigation:, Increases localized circulation, Decrease edema, Accelerate tissue regeneration, Reduce scar formation, Accelerate wound healing. The protocol is an integration of a non steroid peripheral injection with the EST therapy. The multiple injection protocol is Medicare compliant. Most patients will generate $600.00 T0 $700.00 in first month with the proven Outcome Medical Protocol. 770-826-6196 Visit our Website or email


OCPM Holds Footprints & Shoe Prints Forensics Seminar

On Saturday, June 28, The Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine (OCPM) welcomed over 50 podiatrists and law enforcement officers to the Footprints & Shoe Prints Forensics Seminar, in which participants learned more about the value of footwear and footprints in forensic science.

Michael S. Nirenberg, DPM, Michael W. Forman, DPM, Sergeant Robert B. Kennedy, Michael A. Wasowicz and Professor Wesley Vernon

The seminar included topics and lectures such as preservation of a crime scene, and what a podiatrist can learn from a shoe print at a crime scene. The seminar was very interesting and provided an inside look at the role podiatrists often play in solving crimes. The seminar included lectures by Michael S. Nirenberg, DPM, Michael W. Forman, DPM, Sergeant Robert B. Kennedy, Michael A. Wasowicz and Professor Wesley Vernon.

........................UNIVERSAL ULTRASOUND
ON-SITE TRAINING WITH 34 Years in Business
High Quality Podiatric Digital Diagnostic Ultrasound
PICO Upgrade 12 mhz probe – Only $320/month with trade of your old unit
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FREE Certification with every purchase. Optional On-Site Training
UMS 700 - $200/month for 60 months No Trade
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(CPT for Diagnostic Medicine 76880 avg. $113.60 Per Foot)
(CPT for Vascular Studies 93922 avg. $138.14 Bilateral)
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Trade-Ins Welcome in Good Working Order


Use Walkie-Talkies for Improved Staff Communication

At an AAPPM meeting, Dr. Hal Ornstein recommended two-way radios in the office. I have found this method of communication to be a very valuable asset to my practice and must conservatively estimate that this has increased my staff efficiency by 50%. I find that my staff is within the reach of the small button attached to my tie and have trained them to respond to a few beeps. I relay commands over the air many times during my average work day and have found that this has increased the quality of care which I render to my patients.

Source: Frank DiPalma, DPM

The FootHelpers Lab Podiatry Program
Neoteric Biomechanics (patent pending)
Functional Foot Typing® Foot Centrings®
Based on Root and Architectural Engineering, Uses Your Current Cast and Rx.
Centrings Are Foot Type-Specific, FF Posted and Modified & LLD Corrected After DPM Review of Your Casts. Shorter, Narrower and Higher Arched Than Root!
Money Back Guarantee Within 60 Days On Centrings!
Learn Foot Typing and Upgrade Your Casting & Prescribing With The Neoteric Biomechanics Portfolio: contains didactic material, lab forms, a set of brochures and foot centering pads, charts and consulting time (a $400 Value),
Now Free to DPM’s With Your First Order!
If You Are Unhappy With Biomechanics, Your Orthotics or Your Ability to Market & Dispense Them, Send a Cast & Get Started.
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Query: EHB as a Spacer for Keller Procedure

I have a frail, 67 y/o woman who wants/needs a Keller. Although her pulses are good, her skin is thin & atrophic. I'm concerned about the quality of her capsule. I would also like to minimize the dissection.

Hallux valgus in 67 y/o woman

Has anyone ever used a free graft of the EHB tendon as a spacer? I assume I would need to fan out the tendon and secure it to the adjacent capsule. I know that hand surgeons do something similar when treating CMC arthritis.

Greg Caringi, DPM, Lansdale, PA


SUPERBONES 2009 Conference January 29-February 1, 2009

Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas. 20 hours CME Over 25 Featured Speakers Including: Chang, Blume, Kalish, Steinberg, Downey, Block, Attinger, Bakotic, Zelen, Vito... Practical Skills Workshops... Medical and Surgical Advances in the Lower Extremity...AM Learning...PM Fun in the Sun... Bring the Family! Join us for this dynamic and growing annual conference.

View FREE SAMPLE LECTURE from last year’s Superbones 2008 program: Surgical Complications: How to Manage The Patient When They Occur by Michael Downey, DPM, Chief, Podiatry Surgery, Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, by clicking here. To register online, click here or phone 800.966.9056

'For a list of all meetings go to:


Query: Diabetic Socks

We've been purchasing diabetic socks from the Sock Outlet in Huntingdon Valley, PA. Unfortunately, they are closing the factory. Their socks (style 200) are 90% Dura Spun Acrylic and 10% Nylon. They offered sizes 9-11, 10-13, 13-15, and 15-17. The sole was cushioned and they had a special non-irritating seam in addition to being wide without falling down. The cost was $3/pr plus S&H. Does anyone dispense a similar sock in their practice, and if so, where do I find them?

John Hickey, DPM, Levittown, NY

Fungoid® Tincture

The Timeless Tincture, since 1925, is pleased to announce Walgreens and Rite Aid pharmacy chains have added Pedinol’s Fungoid Tincture to their Foot Care aisles. When recommending Fungoid Tincture to your patients, please refer them to the above retailers. If the patient does not have a local Walgreens and Rite Aid pharmacy, other ordering options are available. Their local pharmacies can order the product direct from their wholesaler or consumer purchases can be made online at or

Samples for the doctor’s office are also available via fax request. Please fax over your request, with signature, address and DEA number to 631-293-7359. Additional information is available on our website or


Query: Repair of STJ Cyst and Os Trigonum

My patient has a subtalar joint (STJ) cyst located on the posterior facet. In addition she has os trigonum syndrome due to a severe ankle injury. What codes would I use for repair of the STJ cyst, and removal of the os trigonum?

Scott Morris, DPM, Oklahoma City, OK

Response: I would recommend the following:

CPT 28100 - excision or curettage bone cyst, or benign tumor, talus or calcaneus

CPT 28120 - partial excision bone, talus or calcaneus

Howard Zlotoff DPM, Camp Hill, PA

Codingline subscription information can be found here



Your first option in the Management of Neuropathy

Join the scores of podiatric practitioners who are having significant success in managing their patients with neuropathy while increasing practice revenue.

The active ingredient in Neuremedy, benfotiamine, has been shown in multiple, double-blind, placebo studies to be safe and effective with no significant adverse effects, Click Here Call 1-866-634-2745 or visit our website to learn how to help your patients with neuropathy while you increase practice revenue.


RE: Paronychia in a 6 Week Old Infant (Stuart W. Honick, DPM)
From: Multiple Respondents

First and foremost, you must remove the granulation tissue. The child will scream and mom will cringe (after you have warned her). No anesthesia and with tissue nippers remove the granulation tissue and if you need to use a currette, make sure the distal nail edge is free and does not remain embedded into the skin. Thereafter, show the mother how to pull the distal tuft of skin plantarly away from the distal nail plate. See the child every 2 weeks and slowly this should resolve the problem. Remind the parents that patience is the key. This has always worked for me.

Gregory T. Amarantos, DPM, Lake Forest, IL,

I have seen this several times in newborns which apparently began by in-utero position and have had success by gently trimming back the distal aspect of the nail with a #61 blade & (if necessary) applying silver nitrate to shrink/cauterize the granulation (Advise the mother it will darken/ oxidize the skin & wears off in about 28 days). I then advise/illustrate to the mother how to "train" the nail by gingerly lifting/freeing the distal edge of the nail on a daily basis to allow the nail to grow over the distal soft tissue, by using an orange stick soaked/sterilized in isopropyl alcohol or Betadine, followed by application of Neosporin, Bactroban or 3AO. I check it on a weekly basis to assure compliance & resolution. If infection does occur (rarely) , I coordinate antibiosis with pediatrician. Surgical avulsion should always/only be a last resort.

Robert K Hall, DPM, Ft Lauderdale, FL,

You might have success with weekly or bi-weekly applications of 75% silver nitrate to shrink the granulation tissue. Don’t forget to warn Mom about the color change.

Evan F. Meltzer, DPM, Jackson, MS,


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RE: AED’s in the Office (Bob Levoy)
From: Brian Kiel, DPM

We have AED's in each of our offices. Everyone (front and back staff) has been trained to use them. Fortunately, we have never needed to use one.

Brian Kiel, DPM, Memphis, TN,


Joseph J. LaBarbera, Esq., law practice dedicated to healthcare law, offers 28 years experience representing healthcare practitioners and represents podiatrists in all areas of practice including: group practice, employment, buy sell, merger, Medicare opt-out, dissolution, and office lease/acquisition agreements; before the NYS Educ. Dept., 3rd party payors (private/government), malpractice carriers, in license, fraud and staff privileges actions and audits; and in compliance, e.g., E&M coding, antikickback/ restricted referral laws and HIPAA. e-mail to or contact the firm by phone at 212-697-3430. For more information, visit our website



New Aaron Bovie 950 + Accessories Click here (never used but no box), Floor stand, 3 button power cord control hand piece, Bipolar cord and forceps, Grounding cable, 5 tips, Dermal kit-sharp/blunt angled blades, Manual/Instructional DVD, Many other unused accessories Contact 301 423-9494


Coast to Coast Mobile Podiatry Group, California's premier provider of mobile on-site health-care services is seeking hardworking, caring Associates to provide excellent health-care to the greater Los Angeles areas, Organge County, San Bernadino County, Riverside, San Diego, and Santa Barbara. Salary and benefits available. Please email you CV and salary request to


Associateship possibly leading to equity ownership. Compensation package of $100,000. Option for partnership or purchase as soon as associate feels ready. 260 402-7490.


Central Valley/Southern CA. Salary excellent with all paid benefits/incentives including malpractice/401k and profit sharing. Surgery Center and hospital based with no HMOs/no rest homes. Bilingual in English and Spanish. Offering a permanent position/partnership in a multi-million dollar hi-tech practice. E-mail CV to:


Join one of the most successful, long-established podiatry practices in the Chicago area, with excellent salary and benefits. We have an immediate opening for full-time podiatrist in a multi practice location
in the Chicago land and Northwest Indiana area. Must have two years of surgical residency. Please e-mail resume to


Dennis Shavelson, DPM is now accepting referrals of difficult cases involving biomechanics, surgical complications, non-healing wounds diagnostic and treatment dilemma’s and subtalar stenting from DPM’S. Full reporting with second opinion only, rapid return after care and assumption of care options. Medicare and Out-of-Network Only. (212) 288-3668 or


Associate leading to partner in well-established practice. Seeking personable, skillful, and attentive podiatrist. No nursing homes, evenings or weekends. Competitive compensation package including health insurance, malpractice, short term disability, 401(k), generous vacation, paid holidays, and excellent salary plus bonus! E-mail cover letter and CV to or fax to (612) 866-5875 attn: Jennifer Bremer


Associate wanted, Full-time or part-time, for busy long time, well established, and well rounded practice. Good mix of general podiatry and surgery. Office will generate approximately 100+ surgical cases per year. Must have surgical background for this practice, ABPS Qualified minimum needed to obtain hospital privileges. Associate position is open for partnership or purchase. Contact


Home Physicians, a medical group specializing in house calls is looking to hire podiatrists. We are located in Chicago and Northwest Indiana. Full and part time positions are available. Competitive Compensation including malpractice. Contact Scott Schneider. Phone-773-342-4201 FAX 773-486-3548-E-Mail Visit our website

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