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03/15/2018    Name Withheld

"Permanent and Stationary" Under Workers Comp

"Permanent and Stationary" Under Workers Comp

I have been an employee for a HMO for over 30
years that banned nail grinders due to lung
health risks. I have been debriding toenails with
nail clippers exclusively for the past 4 years,
at about 18-24 patients per day, 5 days a week.
During the past 4 years my right hand became so
painful that I could no longer bend my thumb and
developed a trigger index finger. I just had
surgery about 9 weeks ago to release the tendon
sheaths and I am supposed to go back to work in
late March, however my hand still swells and is

I was told by the Work Comp doctor that at the
next visit in late March if I am not better by
then that I would be considered "permanent and
stationary"--which means I will be out of work
forever. I honestly don't feel like I can go back
to seeing 18-24 patients a day cutting toenails.
Even giving injections and filling-up syringes is
difficult to do. I am undergoing physical

Has anyone undergone anything like this who can
advise me what to do regarding the "permanent and
stationary" label where one's job cannot
accommodate them. They say I need to be at 100%?
I want to go back to work but feel like I need
more time to heal in order to do my job, but the
Work Comp doctor is making me feel like I am a

Also is it healthy for a health plan to have a
job where a podiatrist is expected to primarily
cut toenails all day, 5 days a week with nail
clippers of which only a few are double action? I
have asked that they provide me double action
nail clippers when I return to work, and just
heard they will not provide that. I am to use
what they already have which is a mix of nail

I also do lots of matrixectomies as well, and
now was told that these must be done in the minor
surgery room for more than two toenails, due to
the phenol fumes being toxic. Any concerns about
that as a health risk for us?

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