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11/08/2018    James Koon, DPM

EMR Recommendations (Crista Roberts, DPM)

When I was in private practice two-and-a-half
short years ago, we were using MacPractice MD.
Our entire office was Mac-based and I loved it.
It was easy to navigate, had all of the features
that made it compliant with Meaningful Use/MIPS,
and always worked. Their support was always
available and competent and not terribly
expensive (about $4,000/year for the two
practitioners and electronic billing). Because
everything was Mac based everything always
worked. We used an on-site MacMini for our
server and backed up off campus every night.
Being that I've been away from them for almost
three years I am only guessing when I say they
likely have cloud based server capability.

The program itself was very customizable, a
feature I loved because I used drop down
templates a lot and it was easy to periodically
revamp the narratives in the templates so as to
not have canned notes for years on end. All of
the financials were easy to navigate and replete
with information and reports. Electronic billing
was super easy. I also used Dragon Naturally
Speaking Medical for voice dictation and loved
it so much.

In the clinic I'm in now, we use AllScripts for
EHR and MModal Fluency Direct for voice
dictation. I do not like the MModal Fluency
direct but have to use it because that's what I
get and IT won't support me using Dragon. The
AllScripts program is good but involves too much
clicking around. It's not nearly as customizable
as MacPractice and I understand support is
costly. We doctors are past being upset with the
glitches all the time. It always requires IT
help and is slow.

I'm admittedly a Mac guy (for good reason) and
so I miss MacPractice MD. It was so effortless.
Yes, Macs will run Windows (seamlessly with
Parallels for Mac). They just work and don't
cause headaches.

James Koon, DPM, Winter Haven, FL

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