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04/06/2019    Allen Jacobs, DPM

Using a DPM Degree Outside of Podiatry (Leonard A. Levy, DPM, MPH)

Dr. Levy provides us with his experience and
insight regarding medical education. Thank you
for doing so. If all that is required to equate
MD/DO and DPM is the addition of 3 courses and
rotations (as suggested by Dr. Levy) then why has
that not been done? Temple and Rosalind Franklin
have medical schools. Des Moines an osteopathic

What barriers exist for a trial program to test
Dr. Levy’s and Dr. Secord’s suggestion that the
education of a DPM is almost equivalent to an
MD/DO. Add the necessary education and have the
students take the USMLE or COMPLEX examinations.
What are the reasons this has not or cannot be
accomplished? Both suggest that we are so close
to equivalency in education. You have your
hypothesis. Put it to the scientific test.

We have individuals who fail to pass the
podiatric national boards. We have individuals
who fail to pass the ABFAS boards. Pass the USMLE
or COMPLEX? Cardiology, critical care,
geriatrics, ENT, gastroenterology, endocrinology,
neurology, etc. personally, I hardly think so.

The current APMA President states that “today’s
podiatrist “is capable of evaluating and treating
all foot and ankle pathology. We would agree that
some are. The advancements in our profession have
been made with the DPM degree sans MD or DO

I would again argue that we should stand on
representing our profession in the best light,
academically and through the provision of
competent clinical services. We must achieve
through quality education within the colleges of
podiatry and quality residency experiences. We
must have organizations such as ACFAS to provide
educational leadership following residency. We
must not demean the DPM degree by holding
ourselves out to be something that we are not.

We have a great deal to be proud of with the DPM
degree. You are licensed to prescribe medications
with potential adverse sequela. You are licensed
to recommend and perform surgery. You may
amputate, repair foot and ankle fractures,
perform major reconstructive surgeries, utilize
hospital facilities and scarce medical resources,
to determine qualifications for licensure, board
certification, maintenance of certification. The
DPM degree carries its share of recognition and

Allen Jacobs, DPM, St. Louis, MO

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