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07/30/2019    Raymond F Posa, MBA

Switching to VoIP (Robert DiCaprio, DPM)

Switching to VoIP (Robert DiCaprio, DPM)
From: Raymond F Posa, MBA

VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol; basically,
your voice communications are transmitted over
the Internet instead of the traditional phone
lines. That service is called POTS which stands
for plain old telephone service. In the early
days of VoIP there were issues with voice
quality, but those days are long gone. The
quality of VoIP is top notch and the systems have
all the advanced features any practice could

One of the biggest differences between VoIP and
traditional phone service is price. VoIP tends to
be much less expensive. Another huge plus with
VoIP is its portability. If you were to move your
practice, porting your phone lines to a new
location can be a challenge. VoIP binds your
phone service and phone numbers to your phone
equipment, so you can pick up your equipment and
go anyplace that has Internet service, plug them
in and your phones are up and running. This can
be especially useful in case of a disaster at
your current practice location, like a fire or
flood and you have to evacuate. With VoIP all you
have to do is pick up your equipment and plug it
in at a new or temporary location and your phone
service is up and running.

In the event of power outages or a loss of
Internet at your office, VoIP has a fail over
feature that will forward all your calls to your
cell phone or any other number that you

As for VoIP companies, basically all the large
internet providers offer VoIP service to their
clients, Comcast, Verizon, Optimum, Cox, etc. In
addition to the Internet providers there are also
private companies that provide VoIP service, the
company that I have been using for over 15 years
is Packet 8 ( they offer outstanding
service and great pricing.

With the advances in technology in
communications, VoIP is the best solution.

Raymond F Posa, MBA, CEO, The Manta Group,
Farmingdale, NJ

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