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12/10/2019    Paul Busman DPM, RN

15 Docs Fired From IL Health System to Be Replaced With NPs (Stephen Musser, DPM)

Dr. Musser wrote "So I do feel bad for the
physicians who were let go and replaced by CNPs.
I feel this is a 'slap in the face' for both the
highly trained physicians and a compromise on
patient care for the sake of helping the bottom

This attitude is a slap in the face of nurse
practitioners, who by and large are dedicated,
well-trained, and excellent healthcare providers
who provide first rate care to their patients
with no "compromise in patient care". IN
addition to intensive medical training, what
they bring to the table from their nursing
background is the holistic approach to medicine
which takes into account the physical,
psychological, cultural, and socioeconomic
aspects of the patient and their families.

Having been trained as both a DPM and an RN, I
can attest to how different and all-encompassing
the nursing approach is. When I started my RN
program, I expected to breeze through it because
I was, after all, a doctor. I couldn't have been
more wrong! I was surprised that I actually had
to unlearn much of my approach to a patient, and
I found the difference most gratifying.

Nurse practitioners are trained to know what
they can or cannot do, both ethically and
legally, and when to consult with the
appropriate specialist. Would I let an NP
perform a bunionectomy on me? No, of course not,
but I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to let an
experienced NP evaluate my foot-related
complaints, treat them medically, and even
perform an office procedure such as a chemical

How many of you have asked a new patient about
their PCP and been told something to the effect
of "My PCP is Dr. Jones, but I usually see his
NP and I love her/him! The NP always takes the
time to really LISTEN to me rather than spending
a minute or two in the room, then dashing out"?
I have heard that all the time, both as a DPM
and as an RN. I'd wager that at least some
podiatrists reading this or their family members
have been treated by NPs and had an excellent
care experience.

Disclosure: I have a dog in this fight, as my
wife is a CNP currently working in addiction
medicine and pain management.

Paul Busman DPM, RN, Frederick, MD

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