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Query: Vasyli Medical Affiliates Program

Is anyone participating in the Vasyli Medical Affiliates Program? This program apparently allows you to refer patients to the Orthaheelusa website and receive 10% of the gross sales revenues of products bought by your patients?

Eric Simmons, DPM, Durham, NC

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Query: Lab for Digital Prosthesis

Can any of my colleagues recommend a lab that can make a digital prosthesis, strictly for cosmesis, for a 4th toe bradydactyly?

Larry Price, DPM, Union City, NJ



Query: Dermal Fillers


I am aware that more and more of our colleagues are using dermal fillers for everything from ball of foot pain to hammertoe "cushioning." I am curious as to results and patient satisfaction. Does anyone know if these fillers can be ordered by a DPM in New York, or if only an MD or DO can order them? 


Roger Hans, DPM, Queens, NY



Query: Source for Salicylic Acid with Cimetidine

Does anybody know where I can order a topical solution combination of salicylic acid with cimetidine. Tripod labs, which used to manufacture this combination, is no longer in business.


Stephen Musser, DPM, Cleveland, OH



Query: Reputable Practice Brokers

What reputable "practice for sale" brokers are available?

Loren J. Schneider, DPM, Manchester, CT



Query: PADnet Concerns

Our vascular surgeon who reads our PADnet results recently backed out because he felt that Medicare was no longer going to pay for reading or performing them. Does anybody know anything about this?


Gary S. Smith, DPM, Bradford, PA



Query: Podiatric Billing Conferences

I am continually looking for conferences that focus on podiatric billing. If someone knows of any, could you post them on PM News.


Shelly Figg, Billing Director, Monroe Hospital, Bloomington, IN 



Query: Sudoscan

I recently received a fax regarding Sudoscan: A diagnostic test for early and non-invasive detection of small nerve peripheral neuropathy in the physician's office (CPT 95923). Does anyone have any experience with this?

Paul Stepanczuk, DPM, Munster, IN



Query: MLS Laser

Is the MLS laser as effective as the sales team claims? Are patients willing to pay for it? Do the results justify the cost? Is it as profitable as they say? 

Joe Borden, DPM, Reseda, CA



Subject: Maternity Leave, Disability Openings

What's the best way to find someone to fill a position when an employee either becomes disabled or goes on maternity leave?

NJ Podiatrist




We currently don't have a device to take credit cards due to costs. But, we are getting people with cards from health savings accounts they can't use in our office. I looked into getting the Square device ( It's a little piece you put in a headphone jack in an iPad and you swipe a card through it. 

Square Credit Card Reader

There's a 2.25% charge per transaction, or it's $250 a month. Patients can sign their name on the iPad. Do other DPMs use this? Are there other devices like this or other affordable ways to take credit cards?

Andy Dale, DPM, Clarksburg, WV



Query: Supply Inventory System

What type of inventory system do you use in your practice to track your supplies? Would you recommend it to others? On a scale of 0-10 (10 being most effective) how would you rate the system you use?

Lynn Homisak, Federal Way, WA



Query: Source for X-Cell X-Ray Tube

Where does one obtain an X-Cell (MB700A1C) podiatry x-ray tube (SXR-15)? What is the approximate cost?

Bruce Krell, DPM, Chandler, AZ



Query: Purchasing a Digital X-Ray System

I currently have a 10 year old X-Cel machine. Any suggestions for buying a digital x-ray system? What are some of the costs and benefits I could see with the change? I am a solo practitioner, so I have nobody to share the cost with me.

Laura R Lefkowitz, DPM, Beverly Hills, CA



Query: Learning About Obamacare 

Are there any seminars specifically directed to doctors on the effects of Obamacare to our practices? There are a couple of books which discuss the general effects pertaining to businesses. But what about changes in insurance, pre-authorization, government controls, treatment, etc.? 


Dale Shrum, DPM, La Quinta, CA



Query: Parts for Whitehall Whirlpools

I'm having trouble finding a replacement toggle switch for an old Whitehall JO-125 whirlpool. It has four wires, two on each end (8A 125v, 16A 250v). Does anyone know where to purchase replacement parts?


George Jacobson, DPM, Hollywood, FL



Query: Microvas II Unit

Has anyone had any experience with the Microvas II unit in treating diabetic neuropathy? Specifically, is it effective? Are there any reimbursement issues?

Thomas E. Curd, DPM, New Bern, NC



Query: Call Pay

I am curious to know if any podiatrists are getting call pay from a hospital? This call pay would be in addition to any charges generated while being on call. In my area, we have a number of allopathic specialties that receive call pay regardless of whether they are called or not. They are being paid to be available and can take the call from home. If you are receiving call pay, how did you come up with an appropriate fee?


Charles Myers, DPM, Conway, SC



Query: Hypoallergenic Athletic Shoes

I have a patient who is highly allergic to the compound phenylenediamene (PPD) which is found in the rubber components of most shoes. Her allergy has been confirmed by an allergist, She is trying to find a completely leather-lined athletic or exercise shoe. The leather acts as a barrier between the PPD and her skin; it is not the source of the allergen. Leather-lined fashion shoes pose no problem; however, she cannot find a similar athletic shoe. Even several layers of socks have not helped. She and I have both done online searches to no avail. I'm hoping that one of the readers may have some information.

Howard J. Bonenberger, DPM, Nashua, NH



Query: Enclarity


I received a fax from Enclarity requesting my NPI# as well as my office address and phone number for the purpose of "verifying physician information." I have not heard of them and am somewhat reluctant to supply this sort of information to an unknown (to me) entity, not knowing whom they are collecting information for. Has anyone ever heard of them, and are they legit?


Chuck Ross, DPM, Pittsfield, MA



Query: Google Voice as an Answering Service

Is anyone using Google Voice to replace an answering service or for other indications? I'm interested in reading pro and con comments. Also, I'd like to know examples of what type of parameters you set, and how this made the service most effective.

Bruce G Blank, DPM, Martins Ferry, OH



Query: Intermittent Pulsed-Laser Therapy

In our area, we have several chiropractors aggressively advertising a "breakthrough" treatment for neuropathy utilizing intermittent pulsed-laser therapy (IPLT). There are impressive patient testimonials included in the ads. I do not have any experience with this modality, but any thoughts from colleagues would be appreciated.

Michael Lawrence, DPM, Chattanooga, TN



Query: ICD-10 Preparation

What steps have PM News readers taken to prepare for ICD-10? Are there any seminars geared for training the docs as well as coders specific to podiatry?

William Hughes, DPM, Council Bluffs, IA



Query: Macrodactyly

My patient is 18 months old. He has macrodactyly of digits 2 and 3. X-rays are normal, except for increased length of phalanges.

Macrodactyly of 2nd and 3rd digits in 18 month old.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Philip Graham, DPM, NY, NY 



Query: Vacation Policy

Do any of my colleagues have recommendations regarding vacation time for staff based on years of employment ?


John Scholl, DPM, Lady Lake, FL



Query: Intake/Patient Registration

I am looking into making my intake patient registration more efficient, independent of my EMR. Is anyone using a third-party system that they are happy with?

Richard Goldstein, DPM, NY, NY


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